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Cosmic Lover or Just Super Like Me, 2018, Art Space, VCA, Melbourne

Cosmic lover or just super like me is an ongoing and evolving art project, representing over 12 months in which the artist attempts to activate shifts in participants experienced reality by first activating a vibrational shift in their imaginal reality.   This project was inspired by the philosopher Neville Goddard (1905-1972) who proposed that what we perceive as true reality, is only the servant of the imagination.


Inviting participants from Tinder (and now from the broader perspective of Instagram) the artist repeatedly follows a process outlined by Goddard, to experience the dominance of the imaginal and the subservience of the “real”.   Both artist and participant became proxies for each others’ imaginary lover: they feel into the “imaginal”, they write notes to their imaginary lovers and then they receive a love note written by another.  The participant cannot just read they note: the must create a new moment in this reality, in which they wake from sleep and find this mysterious note upon their pillow.  The project involves delicate trust and a as each participants communicates their most vulnerable thoughts and desires.  Cosmic lover or just super like me attempts to challenge conventional ideas of love, intimacy and relationships and play with the possibility of multiple concurrent realities.


Cosmic lover or just super like me has been presented in various form of including installation, projection and video.   Its most recent exhibition was at the Victorian Collage of the Arts, Melbourne, as installation presenting the love notes, placed upon pillows scattered throughout the gallery with a large scale projection upon the walls with the words "IT FELT SO REAL":  a quote by one of the last participants of the project.

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