Cosmic Lover or Just Super Like Me, 2018, Art Space, VCA, Melbourne

Cosmic lover or just super like me  is an installation work that represents the culmination of 9 months in which the artist attempted to activate shifts and changes in her experienced reality by first activating a vibrational resonance in her imaginal reality.   This project was inspired by the philosopher Neville Goddard (1905-1972) who proposed that what we perceive as true reality, is only the servant of the imagination, and that it is within the realm of imaginal reality that all physical reality is created.  Cosmic lover or just super like me investigates the possibility that physical reality is created in the imaginal state.


Cosmic Lover was co-created with participants sourced from dating application Tinder.   Following a process for "creating love" outlined by Goddard, participants were instructed to imagine they were lying next to the "love of their life", and to keep doing so until they felt a physical shift occur in their body.  The participants then wrote a note  to their imaginary lover ((the kind of note you would leave for your lover on their pillow as they slept) and then this note was sent to the artist.  The artist concurrently performed the same action and sent a note to the participant.  When these notes were received, participants were instructed to put the note on their pillows and then the next morning, read the note.   Cosmic lover or just super like me attempts to disrupt our understanding of reality, by blurring the boundary between physical reality and our imaginations.



By using Tinder as the medium, this work also highlight and critiques dating applications becoming the new norm when seeking of love and intimacy.


The resulting installation presents these notes placed upon pillows scattered upon the floor of the gallery space.  Projected in large scale upon the walls are the words "IT FELT SO REAL":  a quote by one of the last participants of the project.