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Slippage, 2020

4 channel video and mirror

Slippage attempts to amplify slippages in the performance of Self. This three channel video installation features the performance of discretely assigned ‘selves’: discomfort, awe and aggravation. Each performance affects a jarring moment in time, revealing a rare moment of non-performance of self, non-construction of identity, an opening of promise in which newness may emerge. Block raises the question: if identity is performed, then what aspects of ourselves lie beyond the performance?

Block utilizes the absence of performance as a strategy for exploring an in-between state: a midway point between the conscious and the unconscious; a place embracing contradiction and paradox.


Block’s tethered beings are trapped within the bounds of a device, their constant ocular searching for connection to either themselves or to others.  Uncannily, reflections somehow become more “real” than the real: a critical and nihilistic view of our relationship with technology slipping towards the post human.

install slippage two corners LR.jpg

4 channel video  and mirror, 2019

Sarang Building, Yogajakata, Indonesia

2018-11-08 18.02.47-2.jpg

images of each video installed  in each of the corners, with mirror 


performances by:  Lola Howard; Shari Bear; Ella Lowry

Special effects make-up by 

Stephanie Elington and Julian  Dimase

2018-11-08 17.57.22-3.jpg
2018-11-08 17.56.03-2.jpg

Video one:  Lola

Video two:  Shari

Video two:  Shari

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