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Skin Bags, installation 2016
hair and mirror skin bag.jpg
destruction skin bag and rice.jpg
Skin Bags, latex and found objects, black rice, hair, 2016
George Paton Gallery, Melbourne

Since each of us was several, there was already quite a crowd.
    – Deleuze and Guattari

We are all just skin bags; bags of flesh and bone.  A critique on the human preoccupation with our physical bodies and consumer-driven desires, Skin Bags asks the viewer to question what they "fill" themselves with in order to attempt to understand their desires, define their identity and understand notions of the self.  Each Skin bag is filled with traces or elements of the 15 represented artists in "I is Another".  The work suggests that while each human corporeal structure appears separate, we share fundamental desires for both creation and destruction, something that artists attempt to capture and articulate.  The work references life, destruction, and death, themes around corporeality and spirituality, presenting a mirror for the audience to reflect upon the construction of their own identity and the glorification of the body,


Skin Bags (2016) was created as part of "I is Another" a process-based, evolving installation by fifteen artists, examining the way our our sense of identity and desires can be incarnated through dialogue with a collective.  This work was conceived, created and exhibited in one single day at the George Paton Gallery.




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