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Dead things want to play too, 
2022, found objects

When i first came across these mink stoles, i felt both sad and revolted by them. Found as little creatures that had hunted, skinned and then forced to eat the ass of the next, all for the warmth and adornment of someone who has since discarded them and allowed them to gathering dust.  I wanted to set them free. And they wanted something too.

“Dead Things want to play too” brings together familiar elements reminiscent of childhood rituals of celebration and play, entering a whimsical world that collides with the macabre. This installation activates the disruptive and anarchistic properties of carnival: its suspension of familiar meaning and acceptable behaviours: strange and freakish beings encountered and spectacles witnessed.

The beings in the space appear to return to life and yet continue to reference violence, refusing to allow us to forget their death and their bodies preserved for our pleasure. Leveraging the tradition of the carnivalesque, they blur the lines between the civilised and the wild, and in the abandonment of rationality, these things become other things: whimsical and political in their commitment to anarchy as a means to recognise, create, and possess both the self and the other. The resemblance of the balloon to a breast with nipples also references nurturing and sensuality, creating further tension between the familiar and uncanny, the living and the dead,

What do dead things really want? They want to play too.

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